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My passion for health and wellness, as well as sharing my knowledge about Essential Oils, Energy Medicine, Nutrition and how to help your body heal holistically, are what led me to create this page.  I want to share my journey with all of you and hope that you can learn some new things or somehow feel inspired.
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    It takes 30 lbs of Lavender Flowers to make one 15ml bottle of essential oil It is also the most chemically similar essential oil to Coriander
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Wellness for your Body, Mind & Soul
Essential Oil Wellness
 The state of being wildly busy is here to stay. Whether your busy is a challenge or a joy — or both — maintaining your momentum and strength in the marathon of life requires balance.

With Energy Medicine, you can help restore balance, eliminate whatever is causing the blockages, and re-establish the healthy flow of intelligence. 
Essential oils can instill serenity and satisfaction, boost your immune system, and stimulate your mind and well-being

Learn to be a healer in your own home because there is nothing better than having safe, natural, effective and available options when you need them!

Be Well, Be Free

                                     Transform your relationship with yourself
                            and your body, so that you can finally

                      fall in  love with your  life

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