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the five elements & essential oils

The five elements are another way of looking at choosing oils in order to balance the body.

Wood  is that quality in nature that is solid yet supple, alive, growing and spreading outward. Roots suggest trees and tree oils would be helpful to remedy any wood related deficiencies. These would be oils such as eucalyptus, cedarwood, cypress, and vetiver, which is extracted from the roots of an aromatic grass.

Fire  is the quality of nature that is heating, warming, and burning, destructive, ascending, blazing and illuminating. Remedies to cure fire-related deficiencies would need to heat the ice; here spicy and warming oils are needed. Suggestions could include ginger, clary sage, patchouli or peppermint.

Earth  is the quality in nature that is fertile, nourishing, solid and stable, restful and alert. Anyone who is restless, not walking on solid ground or anxious may be suffering from a lack of earth energy. Oils to help might include lemon, marjoram, wild orange or rosemary.

Metal  is that quality in nature, which is moldable, hard and strong, responsive to heat, conductive and protective. Remedies to counter metal deficiency symptoms such as would be needed for those stuck in a rut, fearful or stubborn would need to be uplifting and spiritually arising. Suggestions include jasmine and myrrh - especially where healing was also needed.

Water  is that quality in nature which is soaking and sinking, cold, yielding and fluid, tending to stillness and yet powerful. People who 'swim against the tide', anxious and fearful types or those who are cold and inward looking would need to be healed to be able to rise against their unhappiness. Some people may be so pre-occupied with their life that they may not know they are unhappy. In these cases, oils that calm the spirit, to allow time for healing and those that unblock chi that has become stagnant, such as lavender, frankincense, sandalwood and rose can be used. All offer a spiritual quality that enhances and finds the true purpose of living.